Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sangit Chamber Ensemble in concert at Romanian Athenaeum

Sunday, 14th of December, 19.00, "George Enescu" Philharmonic is organizing at the Romanian Athenaeum, Studio Hall, the 6 years anniversary concert of Sangit Chamber Ensemble. The programme will include Vivaldi's violin concerto "Winter" from "The Seasons", Romanian and international Christmas Carols is special arrangement, and cantata "Diane et Acteon" by J. Ph. Rameau.

Will perform:
Anne Marie Ene - violin
Cleopatra David - soprano
Avadhut Kasinadhuni - violin
Magdalena Serafim - cello
Catalin Ene - piano
Dan Stoenescu - piano (guest)

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New Public Program: Christmas Lights with Sangit Chamber Ensemble

Monday, 8th of December, 06.30 p. m. at Metropolitan Library in Bucharest, a new Sahaja Yoga public programme will be held by Sangit Chamber Ensemble.

Projection of Shri Mataji's public program and Self Realization experiment will be surrounded by the performance of these four musicians. From Romanian Christmas carols to Vivaldi's "Winter" and Vienna waltzer, all together with the vibrations and the enthusiasm of the members will invite the seekers of truth and light into the new and real spiritual world. 

Anne Marie Ene - violin
Cleopatra David - soprano
Avadhut Kasinadhuni - violin
Miron Vasilescu - piano

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: The Dignity of Art

"Artists have to raise the public eye to their standards of taste; and not to stoop down to the cheap demands of the public, thus surrendering their freedom. This can be done by contacting of educational and social institutions, by the enlightened artists. Through articles in magazines and newspapers, the ideas of such artists can be propagated. Through dramas, films and radio talks, people can be educated for the understanding of real art. Thus the dignity of art can be maintained.

By coming into contact with the public at large through these societies, the social-self of an artist will develop into a keener and more sensitive being. It will react to the slightest unrest in the nation; to the slightest imbalance in the society. If he sees a leper on the street, his heart will go out with such sympathy that, through his art, he can create an atmosphere by which social workers, doctors, scientists, and the people in charge of the state will be forced to think of some solution to the problems of leprosy. If an artist finds his countrymen being unpatriotic or cowardly, he can, through others, create a deep respect in their minds. Such is the motivating power of an artist. They are the loveliest flowers of the creation, the sweetest dreams of the Creator, and the dearest parts of the human society.
Perhaps they do not know how they are loved, worshipped and followed by their spectators..."

(Mrs.N.Srivastava, extract from souvenir - India, 1961)
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Naive Painting and Fairytales by Elena Harja, Romanian Sahaja Yogini

The exhibition is open in Reghin, Romania, at Petru Maior Library.  The artist exposed her naive paintings and wrote a fairytales book inspired by her sahaj experience. Varnishing and book release took place on the 9th of October 2014.  Let's enjoy this video:

And pictures: