Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sahaja Yoga on local TV Station RTV Galati - Braila (Romania)

It was on the 3rd of August 2017. The host, Mr. Sorin Stoica is interested in promoting educational programs and he is making already the 3rd show about Sahaja Yoga. This time, the guests were tania Paraschiv (Galati, teacher) and Cleopatra David (musician, Bucharest). The show is in Romanian language

Monday, 17 July 2017

Singing Masterclass in Finland with Romanian Soprano Cleopatra David

In the beautiful town of Vaasa, between 24th and 28th of July there will be organized the first edition of international singing masterclass lead by Romanian soprano Cleopatra David, PhD. The classes will end with a concert on the 28th of July, at Sion Church in Vaasa (Laivakatu 11/Skeppsgatan 11, Vaasa, Länsi-Suomen Lään). The entrance to the concert is free for the audience.

Musician, essayist, Cleopatra David graduated the National Music University from Bucharest in 2004, pursued the Master in Choir conducting and obtained the PhD in musicology in 2010 with a thesis about contemporary composers inspired by Indian music and culture. She did research in India, where she studied Indian classical music, Karnatik style. She attended master classes with tenor Vasile Moldoveanu, soprano Marina Krilovici, Prof. Claudia Eder (Universität Mainz), bass George Emil Crăsnaru, conductor Sabin Pautza, soprano Mariana Nicolesco, soprano Laurie Reviol (HfMDK, Frankfurt am Main.), mezzo-soprano Viorica Cortez, opera director Vincenzo Liotta and the conductor Christian Badea. Her performances include chamber music concerts, opera performances, solo recitals and gala concerts. She is a member of Sangit Chamber Ensemble, but also of the Comic Opera for Children from Bucharest. She is publishing articles and chronicles in famous culture magazines and for several years she started activity as cultural manager
Partners and sponsors:

The event’s page

Laivakatu/Skeppsgatan 11, Vaasa, Länsi-Suomen Lääni, Finland

Jukka Ritola,, 0443256586

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Initiate Meditation. The Light Within

"In the time of Resurrection, your hands will speak"

On the occasion of International Easter Seminar which takes place at Mirage Hotel in Snagov, Romania, we invite you on the 14th and 15th of April 2017, 10.00 a.m. to the extraordinary initiation sessions in Sahaja Yoga meditation, discipline revealed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The programs are 100% free or charge and they are open to everyone, clients of the hotel or not.

What you experiment:
- Self Realisation experiment through Kundalini energy awakening
- Vibration conscience
- Self checking through new experiment of the real physical and emotional state and correcting them
- checking each chakra’s state
- Meditation state and self-control
- Illumination state

What you learn:
- How to correct the problems of energetic system (subtle system)
- Physical and spiritual qualities of energetic centres (chakras)
- How to develop spiritual qualities of each chakra

The programme will contain also
- Public conference of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (video)
-musical programmes
- Questions and answers seminar

For more information, call +40752265553

Friday, 24 March 2017

94th Birthday of Shri Mataji in Romania

I am very proud to say, in Romania we celebrated Shri Mataji's 94th Birthday!
Lots of articles in media and also public programs dedicated to this wonderful day!
In Bucharest there were three days dedicated to our beloved Guru and Mother. The first was a painting exhibition varnishing followed by projection of Immaculata documentary and Self Realization experiment.   
On the 21st of March we had a public program in a very elegant museum in center of Bucharest (Sutu Palace). Self Realization experiment was held, but also people could see a public program of Shri Mataji in Cardiff from 1984. The program contained also recitals of piano and violin and Indian classical music.
Our musicians were enchanting us: Cristina Popescu Stanesti, Anne Marie Ene and Avadhut Kasinadhuni.

You can see here some videos. 

Next day, almost all new people who got Self Realization came to the follow up class.

Thank you, Shri Mataji, for giving us the Self Realization and the Light!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day in Bucharest, Romania

Dear friends, 

We are celebrating 94 years since Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi took birth on this years to give us the blessings of Self Realisation, Enlightenment and Evolution. We are organising the second edition of the Primavara Spiritului (Rebirth of Spirit) Festival with this occasion. On the 21th of March 2017, in a very elegant palace in the middle of Bucharest (Palatul Sutu), will take place a public program including presentation of life and work of Shri Mataji, Self Realisation |experiment, but also chamber music and Indian classical music recitals.

Will perform:
Anne Marie Ene - violin
Avadhut Kasinadhuni - violin, tabla
Cristina Popescu Stanesti - piano

Entrance is free

On the 22nd of March, at the Metropolitan Library, will start a week of follow up programmes. With the International Easter Puja knocking at our door, we can only be glad that we are blessed with so many beautiful events. Please, feel free to join us!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi about Mozart

"I had to come to Salzburg, they said what is Salzburg is a mountain of salt and who was that? Mozart. I had to come there because of Mozart. One man, one man like him has made such a tremendous difference to this country. See what he writes, how beautifully he feels; as if he’s died with Christ to see what Christ must have faced."

Shri Mataji, Gmunden, Austria

Friday, 3 February 2017

International Easter Puja 2017 in Romania

Jai Shri Mataji,

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
By Our Holy Mother's Grace, with joy, love and complete bliss in our hearts, we are more than happy to let you know our desire to hold Easter Puja 2017, 13-17th of April, in Bucharest, Romania.
We invite you in Bucharest to celebrate together International Easter Puja 2017.
Every Puja is a great occasion to gather in unity and open our hearts to express love, devotion and surrender to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
We feel more than honored to prepare this Great Puja and humbly pray for Mother’s divine presence in the form of Shri Jesus Christ.
In these troubled times, full of international uncertainties, instability and insanity we strongly desire to invite all sahaja yogis to offer a deeply Puja to Our Divine Mother in the form of Shri Jesus Christ.
 We thank  you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and hugging  you with deep all our love

Sahaja Yoghis from Romania

 Registration here:

Easter Puja (Translated from Hindi). Calcutta (India), 14 April 1996.
Today we are doing Easter Puja. Today is a very important day for Sahaja Yogis because Isa-Messiah (Jesus) has shown us that redemption of human beings is possible, and for that redemption we should always put in an effort. There is also a meaning why He was crucified. He was crucified on the cross and this cross is a symbol of the Swastika on the Agya chakra. He was crucified and He left His body there only. He told some important things at that time and one most important thing out of this was “Wait for the Mother” – “Think of the Mother”. (Behold the Mother?)

Everybody can interpret it in a different way, but it seems He said that He will send for us such a shakti (power) who has three channels – Trigunatmika, and that is described very beautifully. One of these Shaktis/powers will give us comfort. This comfort-giving power in us is Mahakali’s power which gives us comfort, which cures our diseases, which corrects/solves many questions of our past. The second power, which He gave us, which He sent to us, was Mahasaraswati and to this Mahasaraswati Power, He called Counsellor, the one who will counsel you – that means, who helps us for Yognirupan (to see the form of Yoga). With the help of this second power, we will get Gyan (Knowledge), we will know the subtle knowledge. And the third power, (Mahalakshmi) with the help of which we will get our redemption...

First Persian Music Tour in Romania - Journal of a Manager

One day, I was contacted by a Facebook friend, who asked me to help him perform in Romania. He contacted many people and organisations in our country in the last years, but, from all of them, I succeeded in doing something. But  only with Mother's help. There were many things I didn't know how to do and I couldn't imagine myself a few months ago doing them. But I was just put in the situation of doing them. For example, organizing a concert with selling tickets, working with an accountant, and, more, making a project for funding and also gaining the competition in the context of not being able to pay the artists. But more, an amazing feed-back from media and the public came. We had sold out concerts, we had people coming from far distance only to attend a concert. We also had scandal for not being able to offer more tickets. We had many people who offered to help and they helped, Sahaja Yogis or not.  
The concerts were held By Maestro (Sufi) Saeid Dadkhah and Hossein Sanaei, together with the sahaj tabla players Avadhut Kasinadhuni and Sorin Bunda.
We organised a traditional music gala, where Byzantine, Romanian folk (doina), Persian and Indian music joined together in the Catholic Cathedral St. Joseph. Here were invited together with already mentioned artists Cantores Ecclesiae choir, Ioana Marin, Anne Marie Ene. 
The tour had 11 concerts and 2 workshops which took place in the most important Romanian cultural institutions, to whom we thank for all help and support: Romanian Cultural Ministry, Bucharest, Brasov and Ploiesti Philharmonic, Bucharest Music University  and Cluj Music Academy, Focsani Athenaeum, Onesti Library,  Cotton Club Cluj and Hermitage Urban Hub.
Thank you all: Sabin Badea, Bianca Badea, Mihai Dobrescu, Vlad Vasilescu, Gabriel, Anne, Sorin, Avadhut, Codrin Nicolau, Andrei Becheanu, Alina Sampetru, Cristi Munteanu.