Friday, 3 February 2017

First Persian Music Tour in Romania - Journal of a Manager

One day, I was contacted by a Facebook friend, who asked me to help him perform in Romania. He contacted many people and organisations in our country in the last years, but, from all of them, I succeeded in doing something. But  only with Mother's help. There were many things I didn't know how to do and I couldn't imagine myself a few months ago doing them. But I was just put in the situation of doing them. For example, organizing a concert with selling tickets, working with an accountant, and, more, making a project for funding and also gaining the competition in the context of not being able to pay the artists. But more, an amazing feed-back from media and the public came. We had sold out concerts, we had people coming from far distance only to attend a concert. We also had scandal for not being able to offer more tickets. We had many people who offered to help and they helped, Sahaja Yogis or not.  
The concerts were held By Maestro (Sufi) Saeid Dadkhah and Hossein Sanaei, together with the sahaj tabla players Avadhut Kasinadhuni and Sorin Bunda.
We organised a traditional music gala, where Byzantine, Romanian folk (doina), Persian and Indian music joined together in the Catholic Cathedral St. Joseph. Here were invited together with already mentioned artists Cantores Ecclesiae choir, Ioana Marin, Anne Marie Ene. 
The tour had 11 concerts and 2 workshops which took place in the most important Romanian cultural institutions, to whom we thank for all help and support: Romanian Cultural Ministry, Bucharest, Brasov and Ploiesti Philharmonic, Bucharest Music University  and Cluj Music Academy, Focsani Athenaeum, Onesti Library,  Cotton Club Cluj and Hermitage Urban Hub.
Thank you all: Sabin Badea, Bianca Badea, Mihai Dobrescu, Vlad Vasilescu, Gabriel, Anne, Sorin, Avadhut, Codrin Nicolau, Andrei Becheanu, Alina Sampetru, Cristi Munteanu. 

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