Thursday, 8 December 2016

The First Persian Music Tour (Sufi) in Romania

A group of enthusiast artists is organizing in Romania the first tour on Persian classical music (Sufi). Two artists from the Sufi movement in Iran will share to the Romanian audience the treasures of Persian maqams (equivalent of raga in perso-arabic music) in works composed on the realized poets verses: Rumi and Hafez.

The tour includes not only concerts, but also a Persian classical music workshop held in National Music University Bucharest, a conference about Persian Sufi poets and a gala concert with savant monody music: Persian, Indian, Byzantine, and Romanian Traditional.  


Maestro Saeed Dadkhah: Setar and voice (Iran)

Hossein Sanaei: Violin, Kamancheh (Iran)
Avadhut Kasinadhuni (India) -tablaSorin Bundă (Romania) - tabla

Guest artists:

Anne Marie Ene - Indian violin
Ioan Marin - voice (Romanian traditional music)
Cantores Ecclesiae Byzantine music group

Brasov Philharmonic 11th January 2017
Ploiesti Philharmonic: 13th January 2017
St. Joseph Cathedral Bucharest: 14th January 2017 – International Gala Concert
 „Mihail Jora” Bacău Philharmonic – 16th January 2017
Oneşti City Library: 17th January 2017
Focşani Popular Athenaeum: 18th January 2017
Romanian Athenaeum: 21st January 2017
Cluj Napoca Radio: 25th and 27th January 2017
Cotton Club Cluj: 26th of January 2017

Workshop under the brand of Brailoiu Conferences
National Music University Bucharest: 20th January 2017
Music Academy Cluj Napoca: 26th January 2017

We are looking for sponsors. Donations here:
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account open at  Banca Transilvania