Friday, 24 March 2017

94th Birthday of Shri Mataji in Romania

I am very proud to say, in Romania we celebrated Shri Mataji's 94th Birthday!
Lots of articles in media and also public programs dedicated to this wonderful day!
In Bucharest there were three days dedicated to our beloved Guru and Mother. The first was a painting exhibition varnishing followed by projection of Immaculata documentary and Self Realization experiment.   
On the 21st of March we had a public program in a very elegant museum in center of Bucharest (Sutu Palace). Self Realization experiment was held, but also people could see a public program of Shri Mataji in Cardiff from 1984. The program contained also recitals of piano and violin and Indian classical music.
Our musicians were enchanting us: Cristina Popescu Stanesti, Anne Marie Ene and Avadhut Kasinadhuni.

You can see here some videos. 

Next day, almost all new people who got Self Realization came to the follow up class.

Thank you, Shri Mataji, for giving us the Self Realization and the Light!

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