Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Music Is For The Spirit, Not For The Legs!

My idea about music education (can be expanded to art education or...just education) came to results. My sister and her husband usually listen to pop-rock music. Something to remind them of youth. Well, being in vacation with them, I let the Mezzo channel play from time to time. For those who don't know, Mezzo is a classical music channel. What was the result? Not only that my sister and her husband remembered this kind of music exists and started to play also this channel, especially to protect themselves against the bad and vulgar music from the neighborhood, but my niece asked questions about instruments and...she took the violin and asked me to teach her!!! Also, my brother-in-law remarked that Händel's Messiah it is a lot "better" than the walzes of Strauss.

So music it is not about like- not like a certain genre, but about being aware that something deep, beautiful, divine exists. Just like in spirituality. So, expose yourself and your children to classical music (European or Indian, or both, doesn't matter). THIS one is for the spirit, not for the legs!

Some resist through culture, some resist to culture. Saying that art is for specialists is like believing that doctors should only treat doctors and the food is only for the cook

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