Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Spring of Spirit Festival in Romania at 3rd Edition, Dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's 95th Birthday

In Romania, the celebration of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Birthday by public programmes was never interrupted. For the 3rd year already we are organizing a festival dedicated to this special event, called The Spring of Spirit (Primăvara Spiritului).
This year the festival has international guest artists: Pandit Subramanian Bhaskar and his student Shubham Andheryia. 

A series of concerts, recitals, workshops and conferences will be organised to celebrate our Mother's birthday. Four cities announced their participation to this event: Bucharest, Ploiești, Cluj, Brașov. 
The 3rd edition of the Spring of Spirit Festival is organised by two sahaj NGOs (Nirmal Art and Sahaja Yoga Romania) in partnership with various cultural institutions from Romania.

Artists in festival: Subramanian Bhaskar (voice, harmonium) and Shubham Andheryia (tanbla) Anne Marie Ene (violoin), Avadhut Kasinadhuni (violin, tabla), Cleopatra David (soprano), Cristina Popescu Stănești (piano), Toma Verly (piano) Sorin Bundă (voice),  Mihai Lupoaie (harmonium, tabla, voice) and Victor Beliciu (sitar)


18.03 Natinonal Museum of Romanian Literature, 17.00 Hrs - Indian music recital with Romanian musicians
19.03 National University of Music Bucharest, 18.00 Hrs - workshop with Subramanian Bhaskar
20.03 Romanian Broadcast Corporation 14.30 Hrs - Radio show with  Subramanian Bhaskar here
20.03 Metropolitan Library, 18.00 Hrs - chamber music recital with Sangit Chamber Ensemble
21.03  Metropolitan Library, 18.00 Hrs, conference: Beyond theories about freedom and Moksha
22. 03 Elisabeta Theater, 19.00 Hrs -  sahaj public programme with  Subramanian Bhaskar
23.03, Ploiesti Philharmonic  19.00, c19.00 Hrs, sahaj public programme with Subramanian Bhaskar
25.03 Music aAcademy in Cluj 19.00 Hrs, sahaj public programme with  Subramanian Bhaskar
27.03. Brasov University 19.00 Hrs, sahaj public programme with  Subramanian Bhaskar

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