Monday, 23 April 2018

Saint George Bay

by Anne Marie Ene

Today 23 april we celebrate Saint George birth. In the Romanian language he is called Saint Gheorghe. There are many legends about him and everybody knows he is the patron of England, but I think less known is that Saint George is the patron of Beirut too. It is said that Saint George killed the dragon in Beirut, before the dragon could kill the daughter of the Emperor. The place where the dragon lived it is believed to be Bay of Beirut called The Saint George Bay. It is said that about 30 minutes drive from the slaying site there is a cave where Saint George washed his spear and that the waters in the cave have miraculous power for some ill children.
  Some Muslims call him Al-Khadr.
It seems that the well from where the Dragon used to come out is now in the playground or a Muslim primary school and that the ground where the dragon was slain is near the school and the Crusaders built a chapel over the spot and since 17 th century the place alternates between a chapel and a mosque.
While in Beirut, last December (2017) some Romanian friends took me there, to the Beirut Bay, for a walk.  I did not know why I felt so joyous. At that time I had no idea about all this. Tonight I told my friends from Beirut about Saint George Bay and they where surprised,they had no idea about this!

Here are some photos from that evening



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